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  • Why the Graham Blue Streak is Sexy

    The Graham Blue Streak is an example of revolutionary style and manufacturing changes that took place in the early 1930’s. It’s intriguing and sleek design, along with appealing new features, make it one really sleek vehicle. Designed by Amos Northup, the 1932 model was hailed as the “single most influential design in automotive history.” The […] More
  • Five Pre-war Classic Cars Discovered in Texas Barn

    Check out these five pre-world war II classic automobiles that were stored for more than 40 years in a Texas barn. You’ll be blown away at this find! Click below to learn about the fate of these cars known as “Texas Barn Find Collection”. More
  • Think You Know a Lot About Cars? Think Again.

    This 5-Year-Old Girl Knows More About Cars Than Most Grownups – And Proves It! I love it when I see parents who let their kids get involved. If you’re like me, this video will make you smile! Source: 5-year-old girl tears down a Jeep 4.0 liter engine by LittleThingsVideo on Rumble More
  • Watch as This Crew Tears Apart and Rebuilds a Jeep in Minutes

    Source: Crew tears apart and rebuilds jeep in minutes by streetcarboy on Rumble Whether or not you’ve seen this before, it’s an incredible video! Watch as a Canadian military crew disassembles and reassembles a Jeep in only minutes! Filmed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. More