1955 Imperial Convertible

A replica of the original prototype, this custom 1955 Imperial convertible is one classy ride. Take a look and see if you agree!

1955 Imperial

1955 Imperial Convertible

In this video, an awesome 1955 Imperial highlighted.

Actually, this build is a replica of the original prototype, the custom 1955 Imperial Convertible that J.T. Keller, the chairman of the board of Chrysler at the time, had handbuilt for his wife.

Mike Rutter of Rutterz Rodz brought this fantastic build to SEMA. Not the typical custom car or street machine you come across, this 1955 Imperial embodies class, grace, beauty, and elegance.

And best of all, it’s ready to hit the road!

If you love Chryslers of the mid-fifties, you have got to see this 1955 Imperial… Check it out and see if it blows you away too!

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