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  • 1968 Shelby American GT350

    The Sizzling ’68 Shelby American Mustang

    The 1968 Shelby American was destined to become a classic. With its 428 “Cobra Jet” engine, delivering an understated 335 HP, it was a meaner machine than the Ford Mustang fastback it was based upon. It was also a great-looking car. Both the Cobra GT 350 and GT500KR featured separate high-beam headlamps in the grille. […]
  • 1957 Ford Thunderbird


    Those Fabulous Thunderbirds: 1955 – 1957

    From the beginning, Ford chose to market the Thunderbird as a personal luxury vehicle, focusing more on its comfort and convenience features, rather than its sporty styling and appearance. This decision ushered in the personal luxury car segment of the automotive market. Thunderbird held the leadership position in this segment, nearly uninterrupted, for decades. 1955 […]
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    Fast and Straight – Mopar’s Midsize Muscle Cars

    Two of Chryslers iconic muscle cars, the Dodge Charger and Plymouth Road Runner, among others, were built on the B-Body platform. Here are a few of our favorite midsize, or B Body, Mopar muscle cars that we’ve recently run across. 1967 Dodge Charger 1964 Dodge Polara   Love Iconic Mopar Muscle Cars? You Might Like […]
  • 1910 White 3/4 Ton Truck


    Horseless Carriages from the Brass Era

    The “Brass Era” dates back to the 1890’s, when the first commercially manufactured vehicles were introduced, and lasted through World War I. While many people still view Brass Era cars as quaint reminders of by-gone days, this period actually was one of the most innovative and progressive eras in the history of the automobile. Several […]
  • 1953 Buick Skylark


    1953-54 Buick Skylark – Taking Full-Size Luxury to a New Level

    1953 Buick Skylark To celebrate Buick’s golden anniversary in 1953, the Skylark was introduced. Essentially a hand-built factory custom, it was the ultra elite vehicle in the Roadmaster series. It was inspired by the Harley Earl designed concept car, the XP-300, a low-slung two-seater that took the automotive world by storm in 1952. Featuring Buick’s […]