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  • 1910 White 3/4 Ton Truck


    Horseless Carriages from the Brass Era

    The “Brass Era” dates back to the 1890’s, when the first commercially manufactured vehicles were introduced, and lasted through World War I. While many people still view Brass Era cars as quaint reminders of by-gone days, this period actually was one of the most innovative and progressive eras in the history of the automobile. Several […]
  • Cruisin’ in a 1929 Chevrolet Roadster

    Ever wish you could take a classic roadster like this ’29 Chevy for a spin? Jump on in and ride along! 1929 Chevrolet Roadster CruisePosted by Samspace81 on Monday, May 15, 2017  
  • 1953 Buick Skylark


    1953-54 Buick Skylark – Taking Full-Size Luxury to a New Level

    1953 Buick Skylark To celebrate Buick’s golden anniversary in 1953, the Skylark was introduced. Essentially a hand-built factory custom, it was the ultra elite vehicle in the Roadmaster series. It was inspired by the Harley Earl designed concept car, the XP-300, a low-slung two-seater that took the automotive world by storm in 1952. Featuring Buick’s […]
  • Why the Graham Blue Streak is Sexy

    The Graham Blue Streak is an example of revolutionary style and manufacturing changes that took place in the early 1930’s. It’s intriguing and sleek design, along with appealing new features, make it one really sleek vehicle. Designed by Amos Northup, the 1932 model was hailed as the “single most influential design in automotive history.” The […]
  • 15 Classic Fords of the Post-War Era

    1946 Cabriolet Convertible Just after the war, the stunning ’46 Ford was a car in high demand, bolstered by the addition of V8 engine that pushed it to 100HP barrier for the first time. 1947 Model 71 Sportsman In 1947, with steel in short supply, Ford produced a distinctive “Sportsman” convertible with wood side panels. […]
  • 1946 Lincoln Continental 2 Door Coupe

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    Classic Cars of the “Fat Body” Forties

    The 40’s were the decade that hot rodders and collectors alike refer to as the “Fat Body Era”. Rounded fenders and body lines that appeared inflated typified automobile design during the decade. Like they are today, convertibles were very popular back in the 40’s, and are highly sought after by collectors. Here are a few […]
  • 1955 Mercury Montclair

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    Memorable Classic Cars of the 50s

    During the decade of the ’50s, American automakers produced some of the most memorable cars ever built. In no particular order, we’ve listed a few of our favorites. Some of our choices include iconic cars, featuring great looks and styling, while others beauty was found beneath the hood. No doubt, there are other classic cars […]