1957 Lincoln Premiere Convertible

The 1957 Lincoln Premiere convertible was not the rarest ’57 Lincoln, but like any convertible, it certainly was the most desirable. Watch and see why.

1957 Lincoln Premiere convertible

1957 Lincoln Premiere Convertible

Here’s a short walk-around video from the folks at BlueLineClassics, featuring a gorgeous 1957 Lincoln Premiere convertible.

The Premiere was Lincoln’s flagship model for 1957, and this video spotlights the unique touches found on this striking vehicle.

If you are a fan of classic cars, and especially a Lincoln enthusiast, this is a must-see video. We think you’ll really enjoy it.

Take a look and see if you feel the same.

I hope you liked the video. This 1957 Lincoln convertible, with its Continental kit, is definitely a classic top-down cruiser, don’t you think?

In my opinion, classics like this one don’t get much better!

New features for 1957

For 1957, notable new exterior styling features on the Lincoln Premiere included a cantilevered tail fin, which was the hottest design element of the late ’50s. And the 1957 Lincoln Premiere didn’t disappoint. It sported some of the tallest coming out of Detroit at the time.

The rear of the vehicle also sported new flared rear quarter panels, tail lamps, bumper, and lower back panel applique.

But beyond that, little was actually changed from 1956. Visual differences on the front end included “QuadraLites”, which were conventional 7-inch headlamps above 5-inch “road” lamps.

It also had a new grille and a re-styled front bumper.

What’s new under the hood?

Under the hood, the Premiere was powered by a 368 ci OHV “True-Power” V8 engine with a new Carter four-barrel carburetor, producing 300 hp, matched with a 3-speed Turbo-Drive water-cooled automatic transmission.

The Premiere’s automatic transmission featured a directed power differential, allowing it to handle snow and mud more easily.

It also featured power steering, an independent coil spring front suspension, a live rear axle with semi-elliptical leaf springs, dual exhaust, and four-wheel power brakes on a 126-inch wheelbase.

Other options

Other optional features on this luxury vehicle included electric door locks, six-way power seats, power windows, and vents.

Premiere Convertibles also featured something that no other American convertible had for 1957 – a self-locking top.

The Premiere convertible headed Lincoln’s 1957 lineup. 3676 convertibles were sold, from a total production of 41,193 cars, a number exceeded only twice in Lincoln’s storied history.

What’s it worth today?

The ’57 Premiere convertible sold new for $5381, a huge 15% increase from the previous model year, but pretty much in line with the price of its competitors, Cadillac and Imperial, which were both all-new.

Today, the current value of one in excellent condition is $72,000, according to Hagerty.

The Premiere convertible was not the rarest ’57 Lincoln, but like any convertible, it definitely was the most desirable. You can easily see why the Premiere convertible is one of the great classic cars of the ’50s.

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