1938 Willys Overland 77

This 1938 Willys-Overland 77 pickup is a real head-turner. Check out the video and see why!

1938 Willys Overland 77

1938 Willys Overland 77

In this quick video from Vintage Car Collector, a beautiful 1938 Willys Overland 77 is featured. It throws a spotlight on several of the unique features found on this beautifully-restored ride.

This truck is powered by an inline L-head four-cylinder 134 ci engine, and a 3-speed manual transmission. It’s the same basic powerplant that would be used in the Army’s Jeep in WWII.

It’s also equipped with wide whitewall tires and chrome front bumpers. The all-steel body features the original paint color combination, which was Willys grey with Rolls Royce blue fenders.

This is a classic truck we think you will truly like, especially if you are a Willys-Overland enthusiast. Take a look and see what you think!

I trust you enjoyed seeing the video of this awesome ’38 Willys truck. It’s definitely a pretty rare truck.

If you want more information about Willys-Overland cars and trucks, you can find it here.

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