1938 Packard Coupe

If you love classic Packard automobiles, this 1938 Packard coupe video is one you’ll definitely want to see.

1938 Packard Coupe

A 1938 Packard coupe is featured in this excellent classic car vid from VoloClassicCars.

Spotlighted in this video are the many cool features found on this vintage car, which include the 16th series 6 cylinder engine, with a displacement of 245 cubic inches and 100 HP.

Sitting on a 122 inch wheelbase and beautifully finished in Savannah green with wide whitewalls, this 1938 Packard coupe also sports dual mirrors, radio, heater, clock and a sweet brown suede interior.

This awesome ’38 coupe is pure Packard from the Packard goddess hood ornament to the rear bumper.

It’s a video we think you’re going to really enjoy, especially if you love classic Packards of the ’30s. Watch and see if you agree.

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