1960 Pontiac Ventura

If you are a serious Pontiac fan, you’re going to love this red hot 1960 Pontiac Ventura Vista hardtop sedan we recently saw!

1960 Pontiac Ventura

1960 Pontiac Ventura

This short walk-around video features a 1960 Pontiac Ventura and showcases some of the unique aspects of this beautiful automobile, which include the new v-shaped grille, front-end design, wrap-around glass, and the new “below the beltline” body styling.

It’s a vid we think you are going to like, especially if you are an early ’60s Pontiac enthusiast. Watch and see if you feel the same.

I hope you liked the video..

Pontiacs from the late ’50s through the early ’60s are some of my favorites. I had an uncle who always owned Pontiacs, and in fact, had a red 1959 Pontiac Bonneville four-door sedan that I remember very well growing up in the ’60s.

Ah, but I digress…

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I’m just cool with watching and sharing great classic cars with like-minded people! 😉

It’s for this reason that I created OldCarNutz. It’s pretty much just a place where you can access tons of classic car videos all under one roof. It’d be great to see you here again if that sounds good. 😉

I’m just gonna continue sharing loads of stellar videos and pictures of some of my favorite muscle cars, and hot rods… and we’re just getting revved up.

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