The Sizzling ’68 Shelby American Mustang

Putting Ford’s Famous Pony Car on Steroids!

The 1968 Shelby American was destined to become a classic. With its 428 “Cobra Jet” engine, delivering an understated 335 HP, it was a meaner machine than the Ford Mustang fastback it was based upon.

It was also a great-looking car. Both the Cobra GT 350 and GT500KR featured separate high-beam headlamps in the grille. Functional hood scoops delivered fresh air to the engine. Missing from the grille, however, was the classic Shelby logo found on later ’68 models.

Shelby also included new, sequential horizontal taillights and an integrated Kamm-type rear spoiler, making this one of the hottest-looking Mustangs ever.

1968 Shelby American GT500KR

1968 Shelby American GT500KR

1968 Shelby American GT350

1968 Shelby American GT350

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