1949 Mercury “Lead Sled” – A Vintage Hot Rod for the Ages

This pure custom 1949 Mercury “Lead Sled” is one badass car! If there ever was a vintage hot rod for the ages, this might be it.

1949 Mercury “Lead Sled” – A Vintage Hot Rod for the Ages

This super-cool vid features an awesome 1949 Mercury “Lead Sled”. It’s an awesome hot rod video from Park Place LTD.

This video highlights the pure custom aspects found on this great-looking vehicle, which include such things as a B&M blown 350 Chevy small block, a noticeable 5½ chop, a beautifully understated interior, and many more custom touches.

It’s a vid we think you’re going to really enjoy, especially if you love 1949 Mercury “Lead Sleds”. Take a look and see if you feel the same way as we do!

And there you have it! I hope you liked the video. :).

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