1940 LaSalle Series 52

Known as a “Junior Cadillac, the 1940 LaSalle Series 52 stayed true to it’s focus on outstanding design. Take a look at these photos and you’ll see why.

1940 LaSalle Series 52

Created in 1927 to bridge the price gap between Cadillac and Buick, LaSalle revolutionized the auto industry by focusing on the importance of design. And the 1940 LaSalle Series 52 was certainly no exception.

What else would you expect from designer Harley Earl?

Noted for its outstanding body design, this gorgeous 1940 LaSalle Series 52 four-door sedan features the “torpedo” body design, a 45-degree sloping windshield, curved rear window and turn signals as standard equipment.

It’s powered by a 322 cubic inch V-8 developing 130 HP at 3400 RPM. It rides on 7:00 x 16-inch tires and a 123-inch chassis.

1940 was the last year LaSalle was produced. Always considered a “junior Cadillac”, management decided to phase out the LaSalle brand and build an entry-level Cadillac line in its place.

Probably the only time in history that a brand was discontinued at its peak in sales.

We think this LaSalle is truly a fantastic classic of the 1940s. Take a look and see if you agree.

1940 LaSalle Series 52

A classic 1940 LaSalle

Interior of a 1940 LaSalle

1940 LaSalle From the Rear

Classic cars of the 1940s

LaSalle Torpedo Interior and Dashboard

1940 LaSalle Series 52

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