1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedan

A true piece of automotive history can found in this all-original and unrestored 1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton sedan. Check out the pics here.

1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedan

1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedan

Here’s some really great pics of an unrestored 1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedan we recently ran across.

We’ve seen quite a few all-original classic cars, but from a historical perspective, this one ranks as one of the most awesome we’ve come across in a while.

We love these pics and think you’re going to like them too, especially if you are an automobile history buff. Take a look and see if you feel the same.

1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedan

1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedan

1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedan

1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedan

1930 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedan

Pretty cool, don’t you think?

I really hope you enjoyed seeing these pics of this unique piece of American automotive history.

Only 554 Auburn 8-95 Phaeton Sedans were built in 1930. It sold new for $1395 – which made it an expensive automobile at that time.

This is one of six still known to exist today, and the only one that is 100% original and unrestored.

This Auburn was originally found stored in an Illinois barn in 1979, where it had been sitting since 1952. It remained untouched until 2005 when it was purchased by the current owner who got it back on the road.

This 90-year-old Auburn is powered by a 100 hp Lycoming Straight Eight 247 ci engine and a 3-speed manual transmission. It runs great today and will remain unrestored and in its original condition to preserve a piece of automotive history.

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