The 12 Classic Cars Men Love Most

It’s really no surprise that men tend to be pretty sensible and practical when it comes to buying cars. But they are emotional, too. It’s not always about what they need, but also what they want.

Today we’re going to present 12 of the most loved classic cars (in no particular order) most loved by men. If you thought men only preferred to own and/or drive powerful trucks or big SUVs, get ready to be surprised. Not only are these cars powerful and fast, but they’re sleek and sexy. too!

Boss 429 Mustang


The Boss 429 Mustang is a very sought-after muscle car, as there were only 1358 originals made. The 429 engine used in this model was developed in response to NASCAR’s rules that required that a minimum of 500 cars must be sold to the public that utilized this engine.

Unfortunately, Ford later discovered that the Mustang’s width wouldn’t hold an engine of this size, so the body had to be modified. The result was this fast, gorgeous model that is still considered one of the finest classic cars around.


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