Our Favorite Fords Through the Years

Ford has produced a lot of great cars since 1903 – Here are some of our favorites

Ford has built some truly awesome vehicles over the last century. These cars and trucks have done it all, from bring motoring to the masses to beating Ferrari at its own game. So here’s to Ford, and some of their greatest cars in our eyes.

Model B

1932 Ford Model B

The Model T brought cars to the masses, but in 1932, Ford introduced a new model, the Model B. Equipped with a 65-hp V-8, it brought power and style to the people, and a love affair was born. To this day, the flathead Deuce is still the “eternal hot rod”.

Shelby GT350

Built from 1965-1970, the Mustang was always a great and inexpensive sports car, but it was not competitive with other purpose-built sports cars until Carroll Shelby had his way with it. Horsepower was boosted, handling was drastically increased, and the ’65 Mustang turned from a sporty budget coupe into a purpose-built race car that just so happened to have turn signals.

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